Apr 09, 2012

Applications and Credit Scoring • Credit check – With consent, the FICO™ score is used as follows: • No credit score – Restricted card issued • 001-499 – No card issued • 500-659 – Restricted card issued (lower limits) • 660+ – Standard card issued (regular limits) – Without consent, a restricted card is issued Government shutdown: How cut to US credit rating could Jan 10, 2019 The Truth About Debt Forgiveness | US News Mar 11, 2020 Online credit reports - GOV.UK Jul 12, 2010

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2011. The 2011 S&P downgrade was the first time the US federal government was given a rating below AAA. S&P had announced a negative outlook on the AAA rating in April 2011. The downgrade to AA+ occurred four days after the 112th United States Congress voted to raise the debt ceiling of the federal government by means of the Budget Control Act of 2011 on August 2, 2011.

Once you request your credit reports, it’s important to know what kind of information you should be on the lookout for as you review them. Read more. Learn about the difference between credit scores and credit reports. Your credit reports and credit scores are both critical to your financial health, but they play very different roles. Read more Does the Government Control the Credit Bureaus