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The file is opened at start and it is rewritten at exit. By removing the file the default values will be loaded, and a new file will be written at exit. For other devices than the default video0, the configuration file name will have a device sufix, videoN, where N is the device number, this allows different configurations for different devices. Advanced APT Configuration and Usage Sep 30, 2017 How to Edit Config Files in Ubuntu - VITUX May 02, 2019 How to run a command or script after running apt-get Running or hooking a custom script to apt-get on a Debian or Ubuntu Linux server. In this example I want to run the following script (/root/bin/php7helper) so that I can patch config file upon running apt-get …

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How to Configure sources.list on Debian 9

How to make apt-get accept new config files in an

ubuntu - Restore /etc/ configuration files from the A related serverfault question describes how to restore package conffiles if you've removed them, and requires that you track down the actual .deb file.. All you need to do: Find the list of conffiles provided by the package: dpkg --status (look under the … How to Use APT-GET Commands In Linux {Beginner Tutorial May 06, 2019 How To Protect SSH with Fail2Ban on Ubuntu 14.04 May 07, 2014