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Apply Program Control for IPv6 NAT Traversal Traffic Jul 15, 2020 Teredo トンネリング - Wikipedia コンピュータネットワークにおいて、Teredo とはIPv6移行技術の一つである。 IPv4を用いてインターネットに接続可能であるが、通信経路のどこかに IPv6 を理解しない通信機器が存在するために IPv6 ネットワークと直接接続ができないホストに対し、完全な IPv6 接続を提供する。

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Does Teredo present security risks to the enterprise? Teredo allows internal networks to transition to IPv6, interconnecting them through their NAT devices and across the IPv4 Internet. Ed Skoudis explains why this function isn't as innocent as it seems. RFC 4380 - Teredo: Tunneling IPv6 over UDP through Network Teredo IPv6 Address A Teredo IPv6 address obtained by combining a Teredo IPv6 client prefix and a Teredo node identifier. 2.15. Teredo Refresh Interval The interval during which a Teredo IPv6 address is expected to remain valid in the absence of "refresh" traffic. For a client located behind a NAT, the interval depends on configuration To those of you unable to resolve your Teredo issue on PC Aug 16, 2011