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You've probably heard of Amazon Prime, the $79 membership program that gives you two-day shipping on many items, but did you know Prime membership makes your Kindle Fire even better? Prime members can stream an unlimited number of movies and TV shows from Amazon Prime Video in the Video section of your Kindle Fire. How often does the Kindle need to be charged? In general, you need to charge the Kindle when the battery indicator shows approximately 25 percent power remaining. If the battery gets too low, the Kindle may not be able synchronize and download content through the wireless. Does the Kindle have a built in light? No. Nov 18, 2011 · If the Kindle Fire supported Bluetooth, it'd be easy to add a keyboard and have a sweet, if limited road-worthy machine. Instead, it's good for content consumption, but if you're traveling, you'll

If you sold your Kindle Fire to somebody (so you can buy a newer version, of course!), you wouldn’t want that person to have your docs and contact information. Also, if you’ve loaded a lot of content on your Kindle Fire and then decide you want a clean beginning to clear up memory, you might choose to reset the device.

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