I am upgrading a FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE system to FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE using freebsd-update.This is my first time performing a major version upgrade in FreeBSD. At one point in the process, freebsd-update performs a diff on files which are different then what is expected for the 9.0-RELEASE.

FreeBSD 8: an evolutionary release of the unknown giant Dec 09, 2009 FreeBSD 8.1 | Linux FreeBSD is a UN*X-like operating system for the i386, IA-64, PC-98, Alpha/AXP, and UltraSPARC platforms based on U.C. Berkeley's "4.4BSD-Lite" release, with some "4.4BSD-Lite2" enhancements. It is also based indirectly on William Jolitz's port of U.C. Berkeley's "Net/2" to the i386, known as "386BSD", though very little of the 386BSD code remains. FreeBSD 8 Getting New Routing Architecture - InternetNews. Aug 21, 2009

FreeBSD 8 is currently in its beta release cycle with a final release targeted for August. The new release will be the first major release since FreeBSD 7 in February 2008, with the most recent point update being the 7.2 release in May of this year.

Vmware-toolbox-cmd fails on FreeBSD 8.4 (32-bit), please refer to KB-2059649 For more information about software support, please check the VMware Compatibility Guide This entry was posted in FreeBSD , Guest OS , Unix and Others on September 22, 2013 by Guest OS Team . FreeBSD 8.0 Released Submitted by Gabor 2009-11-26 FreeBSD 69 Comments Astute readers probably already saw this one waiting in our backend, but since there was no official announcement yet, I decided to wait.

With FreeBSD 8.0, which will arrive about five months after the release of FreeBSD 7.2 and just a few months shy of two years since the release of FreeBSD 7.0, brings improved ZFS support, Xen DomU support, a rewritten TTY layer, a new USB stack, NFSv4 support, network stack virtualization support, superpages, an experimental new driver for

FreeBSD 8.0 Review: Enterprise Ready Server Operating Nov 26, 2009 FreeBSD 8: an evolutionary release of the unknown giant Dec 09, 2009 FreeBSD 8.1 | Linux