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Save my ass - Idioms by The Free Dictionary save (one's) ass rude To rescue one from failure, danger, or disaster; to prevent something bad from happening to one. Thanks for bringing me some extra cash—you really saved my ass, there! The company is in dire need of new investors to save their ass. See also: ass, save save someone's ass or save someone's butt mainly AMERICAN, INFORMAL, RUDE If Urban Dictionary: save my ass 2020-6-19 · When you are going to face or already facing a terrible situation , and something or somebody save you. tangm/save_my_ass_c - 码云 Gitee 2018-5-17 · cd save_my_ass_c.git 使用 cmake 在不同平台上生成你需要的编译工程文件 windows平台下,在当前目录下会生成对应当前系统中安装的最高版本的微软编译器的解决方案文件。

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Ann Firestone - Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue, Broomtail Farm, 23 Saw Mill Road, South Acworth, NH, 03607 (603) 835-2971. Adoption fees are: Mini Singles: $750.00 "save one’s ass" means. to save someone, to help someone out of a difficult situation. Example Sentences: Sandra always saves her friend’s ass when she gets into trouble. Save My Ass synonyms. Top synonyms for save my ass (other words for save my ass) are save myself, cover my ass and saving me.

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save my ass - Traducción al español - ejemplos inglés I'm trying to save my ass, so I don't have to live like some dog in the bush. Intento salvar mi culo para no tener que vivir como un perro en el bosque. Someone get up here and save my ass! ¡Que alguien venga y salve mi trasero! You didn't have to save my ass back there, but you did. Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue - Home | Facebook Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue, South Acworth, New Hampshire. 8,314 likes · 2,207 talking about this · 508 were here. Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to 1-800-Save-My-Ass | GQ