Take Me Out Catch up, Episode 1 on ITV 2

Take Me Out (Ireland) Season 2 Episode 08 Full Fri 25th Feb 2011 by marcsilcockfan1989. 44:06. Silky (London) - Take Me out - Series 2 by Take Me Out UK. 3:13. Single Man - Fyan Ahmad - Take Me Out Indonesia 4 by Take Me Out Indonesia. 21:56. Take Me Out - The Gossip - 10/1/2015 Take Me Out Catch up, Episode 8 on ITV 2 Oct 21, 2017 Take Me Out 10th Anniversary Celebrity Special Confirmed

Oct 21, 2017

Take Me Out & Take Me Out: The Gossip Renewed For Series 8 Take Me Out and Take Me Out: The Gossip re-commissioned for new series. ITV’s ever popular Saturday night dating show, Take Me Out – hosted by Paddy McGuinness and ITV2’s hit sister show, Take Me Out: The Gossip, presented by Mark Wright and Laura Jackson, will …

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