How to Find the MAC Address on Your Roku TV Dec 08, 2019 New network, no Remote - Any options to connect/find IP Jul 31, 2012 What is an IP Address? - Definition from Techopedia An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a logical numeric address that is assigned to every single computer, printer, switch, router or any other device that is part of a TCP/IP-based network. The IP address is the core component on which the networking architecture is built; no network exists without it. An IP address is a logical address

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Whether or not the new Roku Ultra is plugged in, it doesn't find it. Whenever I put the Manufacturer and Model in it scans and it finds my Wifi connected Rokus that are different models.. There does not seem to be a place to manually enter a Roku that does not come up on the scan by including IP address or MAC address or something else.

If your "IP address" does not start with 192.168 , then for security reasons, erase the last half of your IP address. 2) Also, is your WRT160N still using the default ? Message Edited by toomanydonuts on 05-31-2009 11:32 PM