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Nov 10, 2016 · The Internet’s capacity to offer its users at least a modicum of anonymity (or pseudonymity) is, theoretically, one of its greatest strengths.

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I Don't Think Internet Anonymity Means What You Think It

Jun 12, 2020 There’s No Anonymity | Teaching Privacy There’s No Anonymity. Your information footprint on the Internet is like your body in the physical world: it represents your identity. Like seeing some part of your body, seeing some part of your information footprint — like the location of the device you’re posting from or the pattern of your language — may make it possible for someone to uniquely identify you even when there is no Anonymous post - Wikipedia An anonymous post is an entry on a bulletin board system, Internet forum, or other discussion forums, without a screen name or more commonly by using a non-identifiable pseudonym.Some online forums such as Slashdot and Techdirt do not allow such posts, requiring users to be registered either under their real name or utilizing a pseudonym.Others like JuicyCampus, AutoAdmit, 2channel, and other