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For a while my kids received savings bonds and I didn't know their SS# so it was issued in their name and the SS# was mine so when we cash them in I will be paying the taxes and they will get the Once you’re aware that someone has filed in your name, fill out and send a Form 14039 immediately. This form will alert the IRS of the fraudulent return and begin the process of restoring your identity. Are you worried someone is using your phone without your knowledge/permission? Or are you concerned that someone has “cloned” your phone like the movies? If the former, put a password on your phone and maybe keep it where you can keep an eye on it Why do my tickets have someone else's name on them? It’s very common for a ticket purchased on SeatGeek to have someone else’s name on it. This is usually the name of the person who originally purchased the ticket from the event box office (i.e. the primary market). Nov 17, 2018 · In the event of an accident, or if the insurance company needs to total your car, having your policy in someone else's name adds an element of confusion. When it comes time for a payoff, the insurance company may remit the settlement check to the person named on the vehicle's title, and not to the person actually driving the car and paying for Mar 28, 2017 · Discuss your decision with anyone who jointly owns the property with you. Adding an additional person to the land title without the permission of a joint property holder could have legal consequences. Make sure all property owners are in full approval of adding someone else to the land title before you do so.

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